RIIKKA- The voice from Scandinavia

Riikka Timonen is an outstanding singer from Finland. After performing years with great bands like Värttinä and Adiemus ( by Karl Jenkins), she has been concentrating on creating her own music. Her first solo album "Käenkukuntayöt" (Aito Records 2008) presented an intriguing combination of electro-ethnic sounds made by acoustic instruments, programming and the unique voice of Riikka - both sensitive and brutal.

To the upcoming release, Riikka has found fantastic musicians to work with. Senni Eskelinen plays the electric kannel which is now attached in a very jazzy rhythm section, Eero Seppä in contrabass and Pekka Saarikorpi in percussions.

Riikka writes her own lyrics true to traditions and the songs are composed by several Finnish songwriters. " Being true to my own voice is very important to me", Riikka says. "After working as a professional musician so many years, it has been a wonderful journey going back where I came from, finding the girl I used to be and finding my original way of singing. I want to cherish my roots:  wide open landscapes of Northen Finland, rivers that make me sing loud and lakes that make me sing silently.